Charging Technology

Charging Technology

There are a few Charging Technology, the famous one is Quick Charge by Qualcomm, but we have some alternatives are as follows :

Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo 100W
Quick Charge by Qualcomm
Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging (Note 5)
VOOC Flash Charging by Oppo
MediaTek PumpExpress+
Motorola TurboPower
Huawei SmartPower
Lightning Charging by Apple
Twin Fast Charging by Vivo
Dash Charging by OnePlus (OnePlus 3)

Quick Charge is usually rebranded to other names such as Turbo Charging, Rapid Charge, Fast Charging, Adaptive Fast Charging, TurboPower Rapid for other manufacturers.

The Fastest technology right now is Super VOOC by Oppo, which claims a 2500mAh battery to reach 45% capacity in around 5 minute.

The newest Quick Charge 3.0 is not far behind , LG G5 and HTC10 , both which use QC 3.0 can reach 83% of their battery capacity in 30 min.

Motorola TurboPower is actually just Quick Charge 2.0 , similar like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (60% in 30 min)

Even though the Note 5 's adaptive fast charging share a same name with Note 4, they have a different technology, while Note 4 use Quick Charge 2.0, the Note 5 use its own technology.

MicroUSB, USB 3.0 (note 3) , Usb Type-C, and Lightning connector (iphone) are all just a type of connector and design interface , not a fast charging technology.

How about Dash Charging? Dash Charging = Oppo VOOC , provide 63% of battery after 30-minute in OnePlus 3

Fast charging a smartphone entails delivering somewhere between 15 and 20 Watts to the mobile device from the AC adapter at the wall socket. This is about 3 or 4 times the power delivered by the standard 5-Watts AC adapter.

Qnovo Technology utk security battery, biasa digabungkan dengan fast charging technology.

new technology :
Super mCharge by Meizu
Super VOOC by oppo
Huawei Honor Magic Charge
USB-PD by Google pixel
Super Charge by Huawei (55W)
Warp Charging by OnePlus
Mi Turbo Charge byXiaomi (120W)

Tabel-tabel perbandingan kecepatan .

makin tinggi angka rate, makin cepat

dari GSMarena:

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